Why is the NRV200 So Popular?

NRV200 numatic The NRV200  is a tried and tested machine that has been the cornerstone of commercial vacuum cleaning for almost 18 years. It is by far one of the best-selling commercial vacuum cleaners from Numatic and possibly in its sector.

There are several good reasons why the NRV200 /  has become so popular with contract cleaners, home users and even tradesmen, this post sets out to explain some of those reasons.

High Performance with Common Sense Functionality

For such a compact machine the NRV200 offers cleaning performance that is often unmatched by even high end upright vacuum cleaners. This performance is driven by Numatics well proven 620 Watt TwinFlo vacuum motor and its simplistic yet effective filtration (more on this later).  A high and low mode is no longer available on the NRV200 & is a set setting to save energy.

The compact body of the vacuum makes it very easy to use and store away, whether it be under the stairs, in the broom cupboard or just in the corner of a room. It also makes the NRV very easy to handle and move from area to area within a property. The lightweight of 6.9Kg means the vacuum can be pulled around by his nose during cleaning, it also means that carrying it up the stairs should you need to is relatively easy when compared to upright vacuums that often weigh over 9Kg.


Storing the NRV200 away has become easier as of 2019, as the vacuum now includes the ability to add an optional docking station to the rear of the machine, this allows for easy stowing of the floor wand, keeping it up and out the way rather than laying over the floor.
The filtration of the vacuum is massively oversized and contributes towards the great performance of the machine. The bags are readily available and have a generous 9L capacity. Just because the machine has bags does not mean it is expensive or harder to work with than a bag-less machine, we often have customers mention how often they have to empty out their bag-less vacuum and how this process can be messy with an ensuing dust cloud, it is also a common complaint that the filters on other machines often need washing and then need plenty of time to dry. This is where the NRV 200 comes into its own, the filter bags are very cheap with a pack of 10 genuine bags costing under £6.50 (price correct as of 01/7/2019), these dust bags act as a package allowing for clean and simple disposal of collected waste, they also act as a primary filter preventing the huge secondary filter from becoming clogged, this means you won’t lose suction and wont forever be cleaning filters.

Out of the box this machine is capable of dealing with tasks that other vacuum cleaners cannot, this is primarily down to the included accessory kit. The standard accessory kit includes a floor wand and floor tool that work very well on hard floors and carpets alike. Other accessories included with the machine allow for high level cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and easy cleaning of ledges and skirting boards.

Airo Brush Add OnIn addition to all of the accessories that come with the machine, there are hundreds of accessories that are available allowing you to further customise the NRV200 to your specific needs. One of the most popular accessories is the Airo Brush, this adds a spinning dust beater head to the vacuum, making it very efficient at pulling hairs and fibres from carpet (you can find this here: Airo Brush add on).

Long Service Life and easy maintenance

As Numatic have roots in the industrial and heavy-duty commercial vacuum sector, the NRV has been built with durability at its core. Simple things such as a bumper ring around the front wheels for added stability and a durable heavy duty hose to drum connector all improve the life span of the machine.

The simplistic design of this machine is one of its many strong points, and it is this simple construction that makes the vacuum very easy to service and keep in action, even after 10 years of daily use it is not uncommon to see a Numatic machine hard at work.

Buy the NRV200 online today.It’s no secret that during normal use all vacuum cleaners will eventually see components wear out and inevitably need replacing, this can be an issue with some manufacturers, where spare parts are strictly controlled and unavailable. However, with Numatic, all spare parts are available off the shelf with quick delivery times. Spare hoses and tools are available at sensible prices and components such as new power cables, filters and motor brushes are also available.

Backed up by great service

Being British built has many benefits, and one of those is a UK based warranty service and technical staff. If you are looking to use your machine for an application and are not sure what accessories would best facilitate this, then you can speak to a real person and get quick and accurate information.

The manufacturer’s warranty offered with this vacuum is two years, this covers any faults caused by manufacturing errors. However, with the NRV200 being tested thoroughly before leaving the factory, we very rarely see machines back under warranty. The Warranty process if required is quick and simple with ourselves offering free collection, repair, and the return of valid warranty claims.

You can buy the NRV200 from our online shop here: Commercial NRV200 Vacuum Cleaner.

If you have any questions regarding the machine and its features then please contact us on our Freephone number where a member of our staff will be more than happy to assist you. You can even message us through our Google+ page.



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