Floor Machine Buying Guide – Part 2

 A scrubber drier is the ultimate tool for cleaning large areas of hard flooring quickly and effectively.

Buying a floor machine, much like buying a rotary floor machine can be a simple task if you know what you are looking for in a machine.

The main things to consider are the following;

1. The size of area that needs to be cleaned
2. Any narrow or hard to access areas to reach
3. Will trailing cables be a hazard in your working environment?
4. Is a drive board required or just brushes?

Machine size:

The size of the machine is directly related to the size of area that needs to be cleaned. A larger machine will naturally be able to cover area much faster and therefore be more effective for cleaning larger areas.

The following graph shows the cleaning coverage per hour that the various scrubber driers we offer provide.

This will give you an indication as to which size machine chassis to consider as a starting point.

Are there any narrow areas or hard to access areas?

Narrow areas such as corridors and isles in supermarkets can provide a challenge when using a scrubber drier, the narrow access will often mean that a scrubber drier will be unable to turn around with ease within an area, without scraping walls or knocking stock off of shelving.

To rectify this issue Numatic provide a drum brush type scrubber drier that allows for cleaning to take place both in forward and backward directions of travel. This means that when cleaning down a narrow isle you can simply pull the scrubber drier back out of the isle and it will clean as it is drawn back removing the need to turn the machine around.

Machines that include a cylindrical brush include the following models; TTQ1535S, TT3035S, TTB3450C and the TTB3450CRS.

All other machines will have either one or two flat brushes as shown on the right.

Trailing Cables

For many applications trailing cables present a trip risk making mains powered machines impractical. In these applications the solution is a battery powered machine.  Battery powered machines are especially suited to workshops where cables may get trapped, supermarkets where customers may trip, or where trailing cables may knock stock from low shelves.

If you have a warehouse where cleaning takes place outside of operational hours or in closed off areas then a cable powered machine will be perfectly suited.

Battery powered machines have come a long way in recent years and have some great features including the following;

Built in charger – the charger is built into the machine meaning all that is needed to charge the scrubber drier is a power source and a kettle type power cable.

Always ready batteries – there is no need to run the machine on a “charge cycle” once put on charge it can be left until the machine is needed, it wont damage the machine if it is left on charge for an extended period of time.

Adjustable Cleaning Pressure – By altering the position of the batteries on selected machines you are able to select the amount of pressure that is applied at the cleaning head. This allows you to tailor your cleaning to the application.

When looking for a machine that is battery powered look for machines that start with TTB or TTV such as the TTB3450S and TTV 5565.

Do I need a drive board or brushes?

The choice between pads and drive boards all depends on the type of flooring.

If you have a smooth floor – For areas of smooth flooring we would recommend pads and a drive board. This will allow you to choose between various grades of floor cleaning pad from stripping pads to maintenance cleaning pads. These are cheap disposable items that attach to a drive board, they are very cost effective.

If you have a rough / uneven floor – On rough flooring a brush will be required so that bristles can penetrate any crevices and free trapped dirt. There are various grades of pads available from polishing brushes to soft shampoo brushes allowing you to choose a grade best suited to your needs.

Traction machines and ride on

Some machines offer powered traction drive, this means the operator does not need to physically push the machine along as it is driven by motors, making these machines ideal for environments where there are inclines thereby taking the strain off the operator.

Machines such as the TTV 5565 and TTV 678 also feature set dosing allowing for chemicals to be mixed by the machine, this ensures a consistent mixture and an excellent clean. When combined with the traction drive it ensures a very consistent finish to floor cleaning .

Free Demonstration

We offer a free demonstration service that will allow you to see and try any Numatic floor care machine onsite, at your premises before you buy. This ensures you will have a machine that you are happy with and one that suits your needs.  To arrange a free demonstration phone our Freephone number on 0800 9788 499 and speak to one of our sales team who will be happy to help.



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