Henry or NRV200 Which Vacuum is Right for Me?

NRV200 vs Henry

henry dry vacuum cleaner or nrv200 When choosing a small compact dry vacuum cleaner it can almost be a little overwhelming with the amount of choice available.

One of the most common questions we face over the phone is

“Which vacuum cleaner should I buy, the NRV200-11 or the Henry Extra?”

With only a handful of differences between the two vacuum cleaners it often confuses people, as the differences are not immediately obvious. This article will help you understand the differences and choose the right vacuum cleaner for your needs.

If you are a  home user,

Then you need a Henry-Extra  this is the best choice for home use.

The reasons for this are as follows;

  1. henry xtraThe Henry extra Vacuum Cleaners both have AutoSave technology, which can save a great deal of energy in the home environment and thus cost you less and be kinder to environment.
  2. They have exactly the same motor system and otherwise have the same capabilities as the NRV200-11.
  3. Henry also comes with the same accessory kit, the same cable winder on the head.
  4. Quieter, every time you turn it on Henry powers up in “quiet mode” as part of the AutoSave technology, this is much better suited to the home environment.

And for those out there who were wondering what are the differences between Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners, they are both the same. Well apart from one being pink and called Hetty and the other being red and called Henry.

So why would you even look at the NRV200-11?

The NRV200-11 is basically a commercial henry vacuum and offers benefits If you are a commercial user, there are some very subtle differences between the Henry and NRV200-11 that make it more suited to commercial use.

  1. nrv200 The NRV200-22 has Hi-Lo operation, but unlike the Henry you can permanently select a mode without it automatically defaulting to Lo mode the next time you turn it on. This can save time and be useful in environments where you have to keep turning the vacuum off and on, yet know you need the full 680Watts of power at your disposal (of course if you want AutoSave then there is the PVR240A which is effectively an NRV200-11 with an AutoSave feature).
  2. The NRV200-11 also features a very slightly different drum design to good old Henry. You will notice the NRV200 has a thick protective lip around the lower base of the drum, and also a very slightly different design of the rear wheels. All of this increases the stability of the Vacuum Cleaner and makes it more durable and resistant to knocks and bumps Ideal for applications where he will be used every day for long hours.
  3. The NRV200-11 commercial Henry features a longer power cable, that is unnecessary in the home environment, but ideal for the commercial cleaning environment.
  4. To top all these features the NRV200-11 also comes with a different nose fitting that greatly strengthens the point at which the hose connects to the body.

Other than this, it is exactly the same machine with just the same accessory kit that has been time tested and proven..

So now you know the differences between the NRV200-22 and Henry / Hetty you can make an informed decision and buy the right vacuum cleaner for you.

You can find both of these vacuum cleaners within our cleaning machines range.




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