School Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Within the school environment, there are many different challenges that face the caretaker’s trusty vacuum cleaner. It can be difficult to choose a vacuum cleaner that is suited to all these environments and one that will meet health and safety requirements.

The thing to first consider is where in the school the vacuum will be used?

numatic vacuum Classrooms and Hallways

For the everyday carpeted school classroom and hallway then a standard dry bagged vacuum cleaner will be sufficient.  A standard Hetty or Henry Vacuum Cleaner, or their Commercial alternatives the NRV200-22. These machines are all very portable with adequate capacity for the average school user. They feature a long cable that can be wound back into the unit for easy storage.

Workshops (art Classrooms, Resistant Materials etc)

numatic vacuum Not many people realise that even within a school there are many items that are a potential hazard to health. MDF dust within workshops is carcinogenic, asbestos can often be found, and clay dust within art rooms can cause health problems. For this reason, it is essential to use a vacuum cleaner that can safely collect these particles safely without releasing them back into the air. The vacuums to look at are the HZQ200-2 which features four stages Hepa Filtration giving a 99.997% efficiency rate. If you need a larger capacity machine these can be found here – Fine Dust Vacuum Cleaners

numatic vacuum Changing Rooms & Wet Areas

Charles is the man for this job, with special filters this vacuum cleaner is ideal for hoovering wet changing room floors, he will happily suck up mud and debris bought in on football boots. As well as being able to use this wet Charles the vacuum cleaner can be used dry. If you feel Charles may be a little small you can find larger capacity wet Vacuum cleaners here.


All the vacuum cleaners specified above are compact and easy to store and use. Ideal for schools, however, should you need anything a little bigger please browse the cleaning machines category.

Still not sure or have a specific question as to which vacuum cleaner will suit your needs?

Then please feel free to phone us on 0800 9788 499 for free advice and guidance.



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