Car Valeting & Detailing Vacuum Cleaners

bread van car So you’re looking to buy a vacuum to valet and detail cars with, but there are so many models of vacuum cleaner out there to choose from and which one really is the best for valeting cars?

All the vacuums outlined below are of a canister type design. This means the vacuum won’t fall over against the car whilst you’re cleaning. It also means that you have a nice long hose to get into those hard to reach places.

I valet my own car at home, which vacuum cleaner is right for me?

Single vacuum cleaner solution.

George vacuum George Vacuum Cleaner If you want a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for valeting your car inside and out as well as deep cleaning interior trim then there really is only one vacuum cleaner for the job. A George vacuum cleaner is ideal for use when valeting your home car.

George can be used to shampoo interior upholstery; he can be used dry to vacuum up leaves, grit and dirt from footwells. Once you’re done cleaning the car George can also be used to vacuum up water from around the car.

Two vacuum cleaner solution.

Sometimes it can be a pain to keep switching filters to change between dry and wet functions of a single vacuum cleaner when valeting cars. This is where a package of two vacuum cleaners can be vastly better for valeting.
henry vacuum george vacuum Henry and George With two vacuum cleaners, Henry for dry work such as sucking up grit, dirt, leaves and crumbs from a car interior, and George for shampooing upholstery and sucking up spills and water you can’t go wrong.  If you want a cheaper alternative to the Henry vacuum a James vacuum cleaner is more compact and cheaper to buy.


Don’t forget that the above vacuum cleaners can also be very useful around the house for general hoovering and deep cleaning of carpet and upholstery.

I valet cars commercially, which vacuum cleaners are right for me?

When valeting and detailing cars commercially you will inevitably be using your vacuum cleaner more often than someone who just valets their home car. This is where durability becomes important especially with the wet vacuum which will usually get more use than its dry counterpart.

Medium duty, Commercial car valeting vacuum set:

numatic numatic CT370-2 and PVR370A – This package includes two commercial specification machines. The CT370-2 is a commercial version of the George outlined above.

The PVR370A has a larger capacity than the Henry specified for domestic use and also has a very useful energy saving feature.  These machines, when used together, are perfect for valeting cars.

Heavy duty industrial car valeting vacuum set:

numaticnumatic CT570-2 and NVQ570-2 – These two machines are designed for heavy-duty use. Whether you are valeting a fleet of vans, caravans, or hire cars they will take it in their stride.  Both the CT570-2 and NVQ570-2 feature a tough and durable StructoFoam casing making them ideal for extended and heavy-duty use. They also have no metal components exposed so there is little risk of causing damage to bodywork.

any of these packages, you can be sure that valeting the interior of your car will be quicker and easier than ever.



Safety Warning – When buying a vacuum cleaner for use around water we advise the use of a 110V Vacuum cleaner where possible.



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