Energy Saving Vacuum Cleaners – Domestic

Henry Vacuum With energy prices soaring and fossil fuels being depleted everyone needs to do their bit to cut energy consumption. This is why at Avern Cleaning Supplies we offer a range of energy saving vacuum cleaners. This article will help you choose an energy-saving vacuum that suits your needs.

When looking for a ‘green’ vacuum cleaner the main thing to look for is an A suffix in the model number (e.g. HVR200A) This indicates that the vacuum cleaner incorporates Numatics AutoSave technology.

What is AutoSave Technology?

Numatics AutoSave technology is a clever energy saving feature incorporated within their vacuums that ensures that energy is not wasted. When the vacuum is turned on the AutoSave feature powers the vacuum up at 50% power. When running in AutoSave mode the vacuum is powerful enough for most cleaning duties. When more power is needed you can simply press a button on the vacuum and power is increased to 100%. This allows the vacuum to cope with heavier duty cleaning requirements.

AutoSave technology ensures you only use the extra power when you need it, thus saving you energy and money.

Energy Saving Domestic Vacuum Cleaners

Within the domestic vacuum cleaner range, you will find a number of energy saving vacuums featuring AutoSave technology.

Henry Vacuums Henry and Hetty – HRV200A & HET200A
Both these vacuum cleaners feature Numatics AutoSave energy saving technology. They are ideal for home use on hard floors and short pile carpet.

James vacuum JamesJVP180A
James is a compact vacuum cleaner that also features AutoSave technology. He is suitable for the same duties as Henry but just a little more compact making him easier to store.

henry vacuum Henry Xtra – HVX200A
The Henry Xtra is ideal for people who have a slightly longer pile in their carpet. It features an Aero-Brush that is specially designed for carpet care.

Henry Vacuum Harry The Pet Hoover – HHR200A
Harry is an energy saving pet hoover, designed for people who keep pets at home and need an energy saving vacuum that can remove pet hairs from their carpet. Harry also incorporates an activated charcoal filter that neutralises pet odours from within the vacuum.

Still not sure which energy Saving vacuum cleaner is right for you?

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In the next part of this article, we will cover Commercial Energy Saving Vacuum Cleaners.



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