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numatic vacuum In our previous article on energy saving vacuum cleaners, we covered the various domestic vacuums that are available, featuring Numatics energy saving AutoSave technology. If you missed this article explaining AutoSave, it can be found here: AutoSave.

Why go for a Green Vacuum?

As a Company –

Save Money – Switching to an NSP vacuum and running it in AutoSave is the energy saving equivalent of switching off 7 x 100W light bulbs when compared to a standard 1200W machine, this saves you money every time the machine is turned on. The PSP & PVR range offers savings of 6 x 100W light bulbs when similarly compared.
Reduce your carbon footprint. – By using less electricity this machine will result in less fuel burned at the power station. Also as the machine is made in the UK there is less fuel wasted through transportation.

As the User –

Lower noise. – All these energy saving vacuums produce less noise with their NTS technology. So this will save your ears by working in a quieter environment.
Quick change cable – The mains cable can be unplugged on all PSP and NSP machines making it easy to replace should it ever become damaged.
Clean Air. – The whole range feature H10 Hepa filtration, improving air quality by 30% over non-Hepa Vacuums.

What Commercial Energy Saving Vacuums Are There?

The commercial Range of vacuums also incorporates other technologies not found on the AutoSave Domestic Energy Saving Vacuums.

numatic vacuum NSP180A & NSP200A
The NSP range of energy saving vacuum cleaners all feature a distinctive green colour and they are built to Numatics ‘compact’ format making them easy to store. The NSP range of ‘green’ vac’s incorporate AutoSave and NST sound reduction technology. The NSP vacuums run in AutoSave Mode at 500Watt of power, when turned to HI mode they power up to 800Watt.

numatic vacuum PSP180A, PSP200A & PSP370A
The PSP range of energy saving vacuum cleaners feature all the technology of the NSP range but incorporate a higher power motor for slightly heavier applications. Using AutoSave mode when they power up they turn on at 600W, when put into HI mode they power up to 1200 Watts. Incorporating an easy to replace mains cable, NST sound reduction and an easy carry handle. The PSP is the contractors choice.

numatic vacuumPVR200A & PVR370A
The PVR range of commercial vacuum cleaners are the commercial equivalents to the Henry. They feature NST, AutoSave (600 / 1200W) and look similar to the NRV200-22 and Henry Vacuum. They are available in two sizes the PVR200A and PVR370A.

numatic vacuum PVT390A
This is a PVR370 with a built-in trolley system for easy storage of cleaning equipment. An energy saving vacuum cleaner for daily contract cleaning use. Ideal for hotels.

Still not sure?

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