Removing limescale from Taps Using Selden Selactive E014

Removing Limescale Build Up on TapsIn hard water areas, it is a common problem that limescale builds up on taps and anywhere else where hard water frequently comes into contact with surfaces.

This is why we have done a little guide on how to remove limescale from your taps as easily as possible using Selective E014, which is a specialist bathroom sanitiser, deodoriser and general cleaner.

As you can see these taps are clean, but limescale has been allowed to build up in areas that water settles on.

What you will need:

  1. Rubber Gloves
  2. Selective Washroom Sanitiser
  3. Two Cloths ( We used Dish Cloths, but any cloth will do)
  4. A Plastic Bucket

Items Required to remove limescale from taps

1. Put some of the Bathroom Cleaner we are using selective into a container, and add the recommended amount of water, The Selective container recommends using 1 part Selective to 40 parts water for general cleaning. If you are using an alternative cleaner the manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed.

Add selactive washroom Cleaner to container

2. Add 40 parts more water to the container to dilute the bathroom cleaner for general use.

Add Warm Water to Bathroom Cleaner For genral Cleaning

3. Wet one of your cloths and use this to wipe the taps over so they are wet all over.

Cleaning Taps with Selactive Bathroom Cleaner

4. Rinse the taps off so they are clear of all cleaner residue, this should leave you with only the most stubborn limescale remaining.

How to remove stubborn limescale

5. Then apply the cleaner directly to the cloth neat, using a finger wipe the cleaner onto all stubborn deposits.

Cleaning Limescale from taps

6. You Should be left with blobs of neat bathroom cleaner on all the limescale deposits. Leave this for around 15 minutes, enough time to have a cup of tea, or do another cleaning task somewhere ells.

Removing Limescale from bathroom Taps

7.  Wipe all the foam off and the limescale should come with it, some of it may need a second application but 99% of it will wipe off or flake off. (depending on how bad it is obviously, the deposits on our taps took two applications in the worst affected areas.

Rinse the tap again with clean water, and then use your second cloth to dry and buff the taps.

Selactive Cleaner used on taps

Thats it, Simple. Our taps came up great, considering they where 10 years old. You may find as we did that the limescale has actually held fluid that damages the stainless, which can leave some small marks behind. But the small blemishes are nothing compared to the limescale.

But as you can see, the overall effect is pretty impressive for such a small amount of work.

Limescale Removed

Removing Limescale from taps.

We carry a wide range of chemicals for cleaning washrooms and bathrooms in our shop. We do carry some heavy duty limescale removers as well as our more home-based ranges.



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