Microfibre Cloth usage Guide

We supply Microtex cloths which are manufactured by Robert Scott as part of their Microfibre Cleaning Range.

How they Work:

Microfibre Cloths are made up of 1000’s of tiny fibres all of which are finer than 1/100 of a human hair. Each of these fibres is also split into 16 – 17 micro-segments by chemical treatment during the manufacturing process. Once the fibres are complete they each weigh in at less than 1gram per 10km! These fibres have such a large surface area that they trap any dirt and grime they come into contact with within the fibre. It also makes the cloths superabsorbent by giving them 40 times more surface area than normal cloth.

These cloths are very effective cleaning tools, and when used correctly can almost eliminate the requirement for cleaning solutions. There are two main ways that the microfibre cloths can be used, Wet, or Dry.

To use these cloths wet simply follow these instructions:

  1. Remove all Packaging from the Microtex cloth.
  2. Wet the cloth in warm water, and wring it out thoroughly, so you are left with a cloth that is damp.
  3. Fold the Microtex cloth into four, to give you a small square. This will give you eight fresh surfaces to clean with.
  4. Apply pressure and wipe the cloth in a circular motion over the surface to be cleaned.
  5. Most marks should be lifted by this but any that are more stubborn can be removed by applying more pressure and more water.
  6. Once all marks are removed, if necessary use a dry cloth to buff any remaining marks away. This is especially effective on the glass.

The Cloths can also be used dry, by using the same principal, folding the cloth into four provides plenty of fresh surfaces to clean with. The fine fibres within the Microtex cloth provide static which acts as a magnet for dust, and traps it within the fibres, allowing dust to be lifted off surfaces with ease, and without being deposited back onto the surface.

Microtex Microfibre Cloth Maintenance:

To Keep your cloth’s in top condition, it’s important to wash them. Most soiling can be removed by submerging the Microtex Microfibre cloth in water and rubbing it against itself, the fine fibres then release any dirt and dust that they are holding onto. Sometimes however it is necessary to machine wash the cloth’s, this can be done in a conventional washing machine, it is very important however that NO Bleach or Conditioner is used. These chemicals will either destroy the microfibres or block the pores rendering them no more effective than normal cloth.

If you want to know why they are supplied in so many colours, see our Colour Coded Cleaning Supplies and Hardware guide



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