Floor Buffer pad Selection Guide

Floor Buffing polishing padSelecting The Correct Colour of Floor Pad for Your Application


Floor buffer pads come in a selection of colours, and choosing the wrong pad can cost money and time, in some circumstances it could even damage floors and cost thousands to put right.

For this reason, we have put together a simple guide to which colour of pad is suitable for what job.

All our pads follow the general “Industry Standard ” pad colours, which as a general rule of thumb goes from dark colours being the coarsest and most aggressive, to lighter colours being the finest and softest.

White Floor buffer Pad Robert Scott. White – This pad is very fine and designed for dry polishing of floors or light water spray polishing for a super high gloss.
Brown Floor pad From Robert Scott Brown – This pad can be used wet or dry for heavy-duty stripping of floors.
Red Floor Buffing Polishing Pad Robert Scott Red – This floor pad is slightly coarser than the white pad and designed for cleaning, and spray buffing, will remove scuff marks due to its slightly coarser finish.
Blue Floor pad from Robert Scott Blue – This moderate floor pad is ideal for scrubbing floors and heavy-duty spray cleaning applications, its coarse texture will remove top layers of finish that may be soiled.
Green Floor Pad From Robert Scott Green – This pad is getting fairly course, ideal for heavy duty scrubbing and light stripping work.
Black Floor Stripping Pad Robert Scott Black – Heavy duty coarse stripping pad, this is for wet stripping of floors removing old finishes. It is important to keep this pad on the move as its course nature will quickly damage floors if left in one spot for too long.

Along with colour you have a choice of size, we only stock the two most popular sizes which are 15″ and 17″, both of which can be found in our Floor Machine Accessories category.

Should you require an alternative size of pad please contact us and we will let you know what we can do.



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