Colour Coded Cleaning Products Explained!

Colour Coded kentucky mop bucketAs you may well be aware through browsing our site, many of our products are available in multiple colour choices, things like our Hygiene Broom range, Microfibre Cloths, and Mop Range, all come in four colours. This colour coding of Janitorial Hardware is important as it drastically reduces the chances of cross-contamination between areas. We have created this article to help people understand what colours should be used and where they should be used.

On all of our items where colour can be chosen, you will see a selection box within the listing page, from this drop-down menu you can select either: Red, Green, Blue, or Yellow. Once this selection is made if you click onto the “add to cart” button the quantity chosen of that colour will be added to your basket.

Here is a general guide to what colours should be used where:

RED: Red items are used for any sanitary appliances and washroom floors. Some examples are included to the right: Showers, Washrooms, Bathrooms, Toilets, basins, Bathroom Floors etc…
Blue: Used food Preparation and serving areas Kitchens, Canteens, Bars, Cafeterias,
Green: Used In general Low-risk areas Office Floors, Hallways, Classrooms, Lobby’s, Reception areas etc.
Yellow: Used for specialist areas such as the following: Laboratories, Gymnasiums,

Of course, some company’s will have different colours for different zones, but the above is generally accepted as the standard colour coding.

Main Reasons for Implementing a Colour Coded Cleaning System within your workplace:

Preventing Cross-Contamination -The Distinctive colour coding between different zones ensures that you won’t have your cafeteria table accidentally cleaned with a cloth that has been used to clean a toilet. Following the colour, coding guides mean germs are not spread from one area to another, and low-risk areas won’t be contaminated by high-risk areas.

Preventing Accidents and Property Damage – By using our Colour Coded Spray Bottles and colour coded mops you can be sure that a chemical destined to clean a bathroom counter in a Red bottle won’t be accidentally taken and used on a floor in an office or reception where it could potentially cause a slip risk. In the same way, a mop with Degreaser on it from being used within the kitchen cannot be accidentally applied to a hardwood floor and damage the finish.



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