WVD2000AP Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover Numatic

WVD2000AP Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover Numatic
WVD2000AP Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover Numatic
WVD2000AP Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner / Hoover Numatic
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    When moving large quantities of water there are two main questions to ask and these are "how much water will the machine hold, and how easily and quickly can I empty the machine". Well, on this machine you should be very pleased in both instances, the WVD2000AP offers a huge 70 Litre capacity more than any other wet vacuum cleaners that Numatic offer. The AP suffix in the name (WVD2000AP) means that this wet vacuum cleaner features Auto Pump technology, this allows the machine to automatically empty when full. The fact that the wastewater is pumped out rather than gravity drained also means this machine can pump the collected solution into a raised receptacle when required. A 10-metre discharge hose is also available allowing the machine to be emptied into a vessel up 10 ten metres away. 

    The other thing to keep in mind with such a large machine is mobility, especially considering it will hold 70 Kg of water, big wheels and a strong tubular chassis make moving the machine around easy.

    The Drum and head of the machine are made from a durable material called StructoFoam, it is strong and very lightweight, allowing the wet vacuum cleaner to stand up to the knocks and scrapes seen during site use. Housed within the head are twin 1060W motors providing plenty of suction even for the heaviest tasks. 

    Large diameter 38mm accessory kit provides plenty of airflow for dealing with large volumes of water.

    Key Features:

    • Continuous Cleaning - The pump will automatically empty the machine as you work, meaning you don't need to stop to empty the machine.
    • Empty Into A Raised Vessel - Empty the machine into a barrel or drum, unlike a dump hose machine it is not gravity dependent. 
    • Giant Capacity  - If you are out of range of a drainage point, then a 70 Litre wet capacity will keep you cleaning for longer. 
    • Big Wheels - Highly mobile for site use. 
    • Strong Construction - Able to take the rough and tumble of site use. 

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    Motor Power1060W x 2
    Cleaning Range26.8M
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz (Also in 110V)
    Water Flow Rate240L/Min

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