TGB8572 Twintec Scrubber Dryer Battery Powered - Numatic

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TGB8572 - Twintec Walk-behind Scrubber Dryer - Battery Powered - Numatic Cleaning Machines & Supplies

The TGB8572 Was (TTV5565) battery-powered auto-scrubber is in every way the optimum walk behind traction scrubber dryer. The TGB8572 Twintec is Numatics biggest walk behind the machine in the fleet & has many practical features that make it the best of its class.

The TGB8572 is designed with large surfaces areas in mind with its largest 85L water capacity and wide 72cm cleaning width will reduce time to clean & reduce costs for floor care control. The dual brush system is designed to increase pressure on the brushes to make them perfect for deep cleans. With its low noise output and exceptional maneuverability, this is the ultimate cleaning machine ideal for supermarkets, train stations and anywhere else with the floor!

Key Features

  • Gel Batteries - Up to 5 hours run time & 8-10 charge time.
  • Controls - Easy one-touch button control simple clearer battery indicator
  • Traction Drive System - Makes cleaning of inclines safe and easier.
  • Dual Brush- More pressure from brushes to allow for deep cleans.
  • Walk-behind - Bigging Numatic walk-behind machine.

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;

Next Smallest Machine:  TTV4555

2000M2/hr (21,528 sqft/hr)

This Machine:  TGB8572

2363M2/hr (25,435 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Machine:  TRO650G

2730M2/hr (29,385 sqft/hr)
Running Time 3.5 Hours (Per Charge)
Vacuum Motor Power 600W
Water Tank Capacity 85L
Weight 287Kg
Brush Motor Power 2 x 400W
Cleaning Width 550mm / 650mm
Power Source 4 x12V (24V) = 200A/H
Brush Width 2 x 280mm / 2 x 330mm
Speed 4.2km/h
Solution Tank 5L
Length 1142mm
Width 1052mm
Height 1391mm

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