TTV4555 Twintec Vario Scrubber Dryer Battery - Numatic

TTV4555 Twintec Vario Scrubber Dryer Battery - Numatic
TTV4555 Twintec Vario Scrubber Dryer Battery - Numatic
TTV4555 Twintec Vario Scrubber Dryer Battery - Numatic
TTV4555 Twintec Vario Scrubber Dryer Battery - Numatic
TTV4555 Twintec Vario Scrubber Dryer Battery - Numatic
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    Vario Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer TTV4555

    The TwinTec Vario 4555 offers the very best of technologies from across Numatics extensive floor cleaning ranges. This small-medium sized battery powered scrubber dryer has some excellent features normally only found on a larger ride on machines, these include;

    Automatic Chemical Dosing

    To keep things simple for the operator and ensure that cleaning is consistent across an area the TTV4555 offers Numatics Nuchem Mix technology, allowing the operator to choose what strength cleaning chemicals should be used at. This not only cuts down on excessive chemical usage but speeds the cleaning process up by removing the need to premix solutions and measure out chemicals prior to cleaning. A 5L container can simply be dropped into the machine and a hose connected to extract and mix the cleaning solution on demand and at the desired ratio.

    Adjustable Brush Pressure

    This ensures that any pads fitted provide only the pressure that is needed for your floor to be cleaned and that the best results can be achieved every time.

    Variable Cleaning Widths

    The ability to use both 550mm and 450mm pads and brushes means that the TTV 4555 can be adapted to almost any environment, even those with tighter access. This means that only one scrubber dryer is needed where before two may have been required, simply switch the pads (or brushes) over to a larger size for open areas and a smaller size for walkways and corridors.  

    Traction Drive

    Not only does traction drive make the cleaning process easier and less strenuous for the operator by removing the need to push the machine (great for inclines!), it also builds on the consistency provided by the NuChem Mix system. It does this by ensuring that the scrubber dryer travels at a consistent speed, ensuring that it even cleans the floor and does not spend any time in one spot for longer than needed.

    Free on-site setup and training

    To ensure that the TTV4555 operates just as you would expect we offer a Free Certified Training Session (limited to Mainland UK, phone for further details). Although the TTV 4555 is very easy to use it still needs to be operated correctly and maintained correctly. By buying from Avern and utilising our free training you can be confident that your staff know how to operate the machine correctly, and also know how to clean, store and maintain the machine to ensure it stays in top condition. 

    Machine Coverage Comparison

    See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;


    Next Smallest Machine:  TT6650S

    1773M2/hr (19,084 sqft/hr)

    This Machine:  TTV4555
    Non-Vario Model   TGB4055T

    2000M2/hr (21,528 sqft/hr)

    Next Biggest Sit On Machine:  CRO8055

    2310M2/hr (24,865 sqft/hr)

    Next Biggest Walk Behind Machine:  TGB8572

    2363M2/hr (25,435 sqft/hr)

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Running Time2.25Hrs
    Vacuum Motor Power400W
    Brush Motor Power400W
    Weight218Kg (Full) 158Kg (Empty)
    Power Source2 x 12V = 100Ahr
    Brush Width450mm / 550mm
    Pad Size400mm / 500mm
    SpeedDrive 0-4.2Kph / Brush 100RPM
    Solution Tank60L
    Recovery Tank60L

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