TT4055G Twintec Scrubber Dryer Cable Powered (New TT4550) - Numatic

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The TT4055G is the new cable-powered 2013 replacement for the TT4550S. Numatic have taken a machine that has had many hours of on-site testing and improved it with some small but effective tweaks. These tweaks take an already great machine and make it easier to use, making the job of cleaning larger areas of floors easier, and more enjoyable. 

Some of the key features of the TT4055G include;

  • Full Stainless Steel Chassis - Ensuring that this medium-sized scrubber dryer will see many years of service and will not suffer from any type of rusting of the chassis. 
  • Tilting 55cm Brush Deck - This allows for quick and easy brush and pad changes, it also ensures that brushes are not worn by storing the machine with its weight on the brush fibers. 
  • 40L Tank Capacity - A large 40L tank ensures you can keep cleaning for longer between refills. 
  • TwinFlo Vacuum Motor - Providing the performance of a dedicated wet vacuum, ensuring floors are left dry in a single pass.
  • Adjustable Handle Height - Ensuring the machine is comfortable for every member of staff by quickly and easily adjusting to their height. 
  • FlexiFill - New for the 2013 range of machines is the ability to fill the TT4055 quickly and easily from any tap (no hose pipe required) and empty it into any drain (lower than the machine).

Machine Coverage Comparison

See how much area this machine covers when compared against its nearest alternatives;


Next Smallest Machine:  TT4045G

1227M2/hr (13,207 sqft/hr)

This Machine:  TT4055G
Battery Alternative   TGB4055

1500M2/hr (16,146 sqft/hr)

Next Biggest Machine:  TT6650S

1773M2/hr (19,084 sqft/hr)

See how we calculated the floor coverage of this machine by following this link.

Vacuum Motor Power 1000W
Weight 57Kg
Brush Motor Power 1500W
Cleaning Range 42m
Power Source 230V AC 50/60Hz (110V Available)
Brush Width 550mm
Pad Size 500mm/ 17 Inches
Speed 150rpm
Solution Tank 40L
Recovery Tank 40L
Length 1180mm
Width 570mm
Height 1030mm

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