Reclen S / Selclen S Industrial Cleaner F014 5 Litre - Selden

Reclen S / Selclen S Industrial Cleaner F014 5 Litre - Selden
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    Selden Selclen S is a strong and effective maintenance cleaner for removing heavy grime from machinery, vehicles and other items. Selcen S can be applied by mop or by pressure washer and will remove even heavy deposits of grease, fat and wax, making it ideal for use in factories, engineering industries, garages, service stations, rail yards and dockyards.  

    Use with hot water for even better cleaning results. Can be used at 1 part Selceln S to 100 parts water for light duty cleaning, meaning one 5l container can make up to 500l of cleaning solution. 

    This product is supplied in our Avern branded bottle as seen in the image above under the name "Reclen S" however it is still the same chemical "Selclen S" inside the container. 

    All chemicals are supplied with the necessary MSDS or Data Sheet upon purchase. These are stored within your account for your future reference.

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