Scrubex 8128 Ride On Scrubber Sweeper - Craftex 75:620

Scrubex 8128 Ride On Scrubber Sweeper - Craftex 75:620
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    Ride On Compact  Scrubber Sweeper Combination Machine Scrubex 8128

    When cleaning a warehouse or shopping center it is often the case that there is not only dirt on the floor but larger debris too, such as leaves, packaging or litter that needs clearing before the floors can be scrubbed clean. Failure to remove the debris before starting the scrubbing process can result in scratched or damaged flooring.

    Normally removal of the debris would involve using a sweeper machine, either push along or ride on to clear the area before a separate scrubber drier is used to then scrub the floors surface clean.

    This is where the Scrubex 8128 (75:620) comes to the rescue, the Scrubex 8128 features a combination of brushes that result in a scrubber sweeper hybrid.

    How does the Scrubex 8128 Sweep and Scrub?

    The two front brushes of the machine are used to sweep dirt and larger debris into the path of the back brushes.  The back brushes are located under the drivers feet, and are made up of two counter rotating drum brushes. These are used to lift dirt and debris into the machine. In conjunction with the rotation of the brushes water is sprayed onto the rollers to allow the machine to scrub clean floors.

    The last part of the cleaning operation is carried out behind the rear wheels where a large squeegee blade collects any waste water and dirty solution, leaving the floor clean and dry.

    How much area can the 8128 Sweeper Scrubber Cover?

    Although this machine is relatively compact in size it is still very capable and able to cover ground quickly.

    The batter lasts for 3 hours per charge, allowing the machine to be used on surfaces up to 3200m2. This can save considerable time over a conventional walk behind machine.

    What accessories come with the 8128?

    The machine comes supplied with all the brushes needed to get started with the machine, right out of the box. The only additional item required is a cleaning solution to use in the machine. We can assist you in in choosing the correct type of cleaning fluid to get started as it varies from application to application.

    Can I have a free Demo?

    We are able to organise a free demonstration of this machine at selected sites around the UK, and where possible at your premises. Please give us a call on 0800 9788 499 to discuss your requirements and we will organise a, no obligation demonstration of this machine.

    What Warranty Is Supplied with the 8128?

    The machine is supplied with a full 1 year warranty; this will cover you for any manufacturing faults. Consumable items such as brushes and squeegee blades are not covered as they are a wearable item. 


    Running Time3 Hours
    Vacuum Motor Power490W 3 Stage x 1
    Brush Motor Power2 x 500W
    Cleaning Width620mm
    Weight183Kg (exc Batteries)
    Power Source150 (wet) 5Ah
    Solution Tank75L
    Recovery Tank80L

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