Scrubex 8110 Ride On Scrubber Dryer Compact - Craftex

Scrubex 8110 Ride On Scrubber Dryer Compact - Craftex
Scrubex 8110 Ride On Scrubber Dryer Compact - Craftex
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    Compact Ride On Scrubber Dryer Craftex Scrubex 8110

    The Craftex 8110 is one of the most compact ride on scrubber driers out there, it can get into spaces that other machines are simply too big to access. The small form factor of the 8110 does not however make it any less capable at dealing with larger areas of flooring, making it ideal for office and warehouse use alike.

    Will the Scrubex 8110 be suitable for my workplace?

    Its tight turning circle and ability to fit through a standard door way makes this machine suitable for a wide variety of applications. We have found this machine to be particularly popular with offices, schools, hospitals, and even museums.

    The machine is capable of turning around within a 115cm wide area, this is far tighter than other machines can manage, making it very easy to work with even in confined areas.

    The Scrubex 8110 is capable of cleaning any type of hard flooring including tiles, resin, synthetic, wooden, and concrete flooring.

    How quickly will the floor dry after cleaning with the Scrubex 8110?

    The location of the squeegee blades on the 8110 means that even during exceptionally tight turns all water is collected. This means no traveling back to the same point over and over again to collect any missed water. It also means that floors are left dry within seconds of the machine passing, ensuring that slip risks are eliminated.

    What accessories come with the Scrubex 8110?

    The machine comes with everything in the box needed to get cleaning right away, the only thing additional that will be needed are chemicals.

    Brushes are included as standard, should you wish to operate the machine with cleaning pads then additional drive boards will be required. These are as an option above to add. If you are unsure if you should use pads or brushes on your flooring please call us prior to ordering to discuss your needs.

    How hard is the Scrubex 8110 to operate and maintain?

    The scrubex 8810 has been designed to be very easy to maintain and work with on a daily basis. The brush height adjustment is mechanical and therefore very simple to work with and service. Changing the brushes is a simple task taking less than a few minutes.

    Emptying the machine is very easy and can be completed without any tools. The machine drains through a gravity dump hose into any low level receptacle. The filters within the collection tank are very easy to clean after each use taking only moments to wash down with fresh water.

    I have never used a scrubber dryer before how do they work?

    A scrubber dryer is effectively two machines in one, it combines the mechanical scrubbing process of a rotary floor cleaner with the water collection abilities of a wet vacuum cleaner.

    The great thing about a scrubber dryer is the time they can save as every area needing cleaning should only need one pass to be cleaned completely. During this cleaning pass the machine will dispense clean water with cleaning solution onto the floor, this is then scrubbed by the brushes on the underside of the machine releasing any trapped dirt. A powerful vacuum unit then collects the dirty water back into the collection tank on the machine leaving the floors clean and dry.

    Still not sure on what type of floor cleaning machine you need?

    Give us a call on our Freephone number; one of our sales team will be more than happy to help you find the perfect machine for your needs. We can even arrange a free demo on many machines so that you can see it in action before you buy.


    Running Time3 Hours (3250m2/hr)
    Vacuum Motor Power530W 3 Stage
    Brush Motor Power4 x 100W
    Weight150Kg (exc batteries)
    Power SourceBattery
    Brush Width4 x 7"
    Pad Size4 x 7"
    Solution Tank80L
    Recovery Tank75L

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