Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)

Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)
Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)
Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)
Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)
Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)
Nilfisk Alto Saltix 10 Vacuum Cleaner 10 Litre (VP300 2018 Model)
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    Saltix 10 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

    The saltix 10 is one of the latest Nilfisk Alto machines to hit the shelves, it has some great features all packed into a compact form factor that make it a real competitor to other compact commercial vacuum cleaners.

    Keeping it quiet

    The Saltix 10 is very quiet whilst in action making it ideal for use in schools, offices and other areas where high noise levels cannot be tolerated. The sound output of the vacuum is only 50 DB(A) making day time cleaning possible.

    Easy to use

    The Saltix 10 is very lightweight, it only weighs in at 5.2 Kg, this is a very easy weight to lift making the vacuum comfortable to work with day in day out. The lightweight chassis of this machine makes it easy to move from one area to another.

    The machine has docking points on the back to carry the cable, and hand tools safely and securely, this again makes carrying the machine around on site when needed very easy and controlled. The wand can also be carried in the same hand as the vacuum with ease leaving you with the other hand free.

    The small form factor of the Saltix 10 makes storing it very easy, the cable can be neatly looped onto the back of the machine ensuring it will not end up in a tangle on the cupboard floor.

    Safe to work with

    The Saltix 10 has a few features that make it not only easier to work with but safer to work with.

    • Lightweight Accessories - A lightweight aluminium pole set makes working with the machine very easy for the operator.
    • Lightweight Build - The overall lower weight of the machine makes lifting the machine and manoeuvring it on site very easy.
    • Orange Power Cable - The cable on the machine is bright orange for better visibility on site, ensuring it is not tripped over or run over when in use.
    • Superior Filtration - A large secondary dust filter ensures that dust does not escape the machine and is kept contained. If needed a higher specification H13 Hepa filter can be fitted to the machine.

    Do I need to use bags with the Saltix 10?

    Yes, we would always recommend using bags with your vacuum cleaner, it makes them easier and cleaner to empty and also protects your secondary filter from blocking. The dust bags not only contain the dirt collected by the vacuum but also provide the first and most important filtration layers.

    Includes a comprehensive accessory  Kit

    The Saltix 10 comes with a range of accessories making it suited to all common tasks found around the home or workplace. The kit included contains:

    • 2.5 Metre Hose – This is a good length flexible hose ensuring the best accessibility from the vacuum.
    • Aluminium Extension Tube Set – Aluminium tube set is lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Dust Filter – Large internal filter ensures that dust stays trapped in the drum.
    • Crevice Nozzle – Allowing for easy cleaning of crevices, sofa seems, and corners.
    • Dusting Brush Nozzle – Ideal for skirting boards and window ledges.
    • Numatic Bag and Hose Adapter - Allows Numatic hoses and vacuum bags to be used with the vacuum.

    I have some questions about the Saltix 10

    Give our sales team a call on our Freephone number, our trained staff will be more than happy to discuss your vacuum cleaner needs and ensure that you are getting the right machine for your needs.

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Performance Ratings
    Annual Energy Consumption (kWh)35
    Energy Rating (A-G)B
    Carpet Cleaning (A-G)D
    Hard Floor Cleaning (A-G)C
    Dust Re-Emmissions (A-G)G
    Sound Power db(A)67
    Cable Length10m
    Motor Power800W
    Sound Level50 (db(A))
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz

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