NTT2003 Cyclonic Triple Motor Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic

NTT2003 Cyclonic Triple Motor Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic
NTT2003 Cyclonic Triple Motor Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic
NTT2003 Cyclonic Triple Motor Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic
NTT2003 Cyclonic Triple Motor Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic
NTT2003 Cyclonic Triple Motor Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner Numatic
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    Triple Motor Numatic Vacuum Cleaner NTT2003

    The NTT2003 is a machine for those who need a powerful vacuum cleaner with extra large capacity, it has found its home in many grain stores and farms for this reason. A cyclonic entry allows the NTT to be operated with a variety of hoses and attachments spanning 38mm, 51mm and 76mm in size. 

    A huge stainless steel 80 Litre drum makes the vacuum ideal for lighter weight, high volume debris such as grain, corn and similar debris.

    What do the switches on the head do?

    The NTT2003 has two switches on the head of the motor unit, these are used to power the motors up in sequence to prevent the machine drawing too much current from the supply feed at once (which could happen should all the motors start up together).

    It does not, however, mean that you can operate the machine in combinations of one, two or all three motors running, for the vacuum to operate correctly it requires both switches to be turned on powering up all three motors. 

    How do the filters work?

    Twin stage filtration means that no bags are needed with the NTT machine, this filtration system is assisted by the cyclonic entry which helps separate out waste contained within the incoming air stream. 

    What is the purpose of the Cyclonic Entry?

    The cyclonic entry allows the vacuum to accept a larger variety of hoses and accessories than it would otherwise be able to. It also assists the filtration system by aiding the separation of debris from the incoming airflow. 

    What power source is needed for the NTT2003?

    This vacuum due to its high power consumption requires a hard-wired dedicated feed that is capable of delivering the 2880W of power needed by this machine. We would advise that you consult either your site engineers or your electrician before purchasing to ensure that sufficient power can be supplied to the machine.

    Can the drum be removed from the trolley?

    The drum can be quickly and easily unclipped from the trolley to assist the emptying process and also to assist in getting the machine into confined areas. Once removed from the trolley the vacuum can then be tipped to empty the contained waste. 

    For this reason, we do not recommend using this vacuum with heavier waste that will make the drum too heavy to lift and empty. 

    What warranty is supplied with the vacuum?

    The vacuum is supplied with a two-year warranty that covers the machine for any manufacturing faults and errors. IF the machine should fail due to a manufacturing fault we will collect the vacuum head and return it after being repaired all free of charge. 

    Who is the NTT2003 Suitable For?

    Due to its size, the NTT is not suited to home or hobby use, it is, however, ideal for use on farms, in workshops and industrial environments, with its most popular application being for use in the cleaning of grain stores. 

    Supplied complete with a 38mm Accessory Kit

    The vacuum is supplied complete with a 38mm accessory kit, that is suited to floor cleaning operations as well as hand cleaning. The Kit includes a wide track floor tool, stainless steel wand and large 152mm dusting brush. 

    Not sure if the NTT2003 will fulfil your requirements

    Call our sales team on 0800 9788 499 to discuss your needs and our sales team will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the right machine for your requirements. 

    Key Features:

    • Big Power - Three motors provide 2880W of power. 
    • Big Capacity - An 80 Litre capacity makes this ideal for high volume debris.
    • Industrial  Build - All steel construction ensures that the NTT2003 can take the rough and tumble on a daily basis. 
    • Big Filters - No need for bags, the giant two stage filters on this machine are designed to operate without. 

    Alternative Machines:

    • Need more capacity? - They don't make a bigger machine.
    • Need more power? - This is the most powerful machine made by Numatic, if you still think it is not powerful enough, phone us about a custom specification machine, you may just need to tailor the accessories to your application. 
    • This machine is way too big and too powerful! - Check out the NTD2003 or the NRV200

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Motor Power960W x 3
    Cleaning Range26.8m
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz (Also in 110V)

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