Numatic 204060 Replacement Front Castor Wheel

Numatic 204060 Replacement Front Castor Wheel
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    The 204060 is a genuine and direct replacement for damaged front wheels on the following vacuum cleaners:

    • WV570             
    • WVD570
    • NVQ570
    • NVDQ570
    • HZ570
    • HZD570
    • CT570
    • CTD570
    • CV570
    • CVD570
    • NT570
    • NTD570
    • NDD570
    • NDS570
    • HZ750
    • HZD750
    • NTD750
    • NV750S
    • NVD750S
    • WV900
    • WVD900
    • HZ900
    • HZDQ900
    • NVQ900
    • NVDQ900
    • CT900
    • CTD900
    • CV900
    • CVD900
    • NDS900
    • NDD900
    • NTD900
    • WV1800
    • WVD1800

    Replacement of the front wheel is exceptionally easy.

    Unplug the machine from the wall power supply and ensure it is switched off.
    Unclamp the head of the vacuum cleaner and remove the head and basket filter from the lower drum.
    Remove the dust bag.
    Turn the drum upside down and pull the damaged wheel up away from the drum. This should remove the pin and wheel assembly from the vacuum cleaner.
    If the pin remains in the drum use pliers or a similar instrument to pull the pin from the drum.
    Press the new wheel into place.
    Re-assemble the vacuum and continue cleaning. 
    If you have any questions about this part and want to check its compatibility with your vacuum cleaner then please contact our sales line who will be happy to help. This part is sent out by Royal Mail. 

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).

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