Numatic 244NX Compact Battery Scrubber Dryer

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244NX Numatic Battery Scrubber Dryer

The NUC244NX is a new Compact Numatic Battery Powered Scrubber Dryer it's so compact it can be stored upright in a cleaning cupboard taking up as little space as a mop & bucket but out performing with triple the cleaning speed from 60 minutes cleaning time with a mop & bucket down to 5 minutes with the NUC244NX. This machine scrubs & drys the floor just like any other scrubber dryer leaving the floors dry & safe in working environments , this small scrubber dryer really packs a punch when it comes to the cleaning industry with have 140rpm & has the ability to get to hard to reach places with it's compact size  for example you can clean underneath tables , serving areas, washroom sinks & Toilet Cubicles with it's 360 Degrees turning on the spot allows you to clean virtually anything.

Numatic's Brand new NX300 battery range is implemented in this machine which offers 60-80 Minutes running time per battery depending on the cleaning. By purchasing an additional battery you can have continuous cleaning , the machine does come with a 2.2L Solution tank which is generous in this size of machine & this solution tank can last up to 34 minutes depending on water level setting you use before having to refill. 

How easy is the Numatic 244NX to use?

The 244NX is very simple to operate and requires very little training to use. All the controls on the machine are very intuitive, the machine is very lightweight and therefore a pleasure to manoeuvre, even in confined spaces with it's 360 turning ability to reach those tiny areas.

The removal of the power cable in favor of battery power means that there is less time spent unhooking the mains cable when it gets snagged and more time spent simply getting on with the job.  The worry of knocking items off shelving with the trailing power cable is also removed.

Can it clean right up to edges?

Yes, the brush on the machine is slightly offset to one side allowing edges to be tackled with ease, the squeegee blades also follow very close to the brush and pivot to follow the direction of travel, and this means that wastewater is sucked up & recovered even during very tight turns to leave the floor dry after every use.

How long do the batteries last?

From a single charge, you will generally see 60 minutes of non-stop cleaning, this is plenty of time to take on most tasks. If however, you need a longer cleaning window a second battery pack is available that will double your cleaning time.

Clean quicker & in tighter areas than ever before with the 244NX 

The 244NX offers an effective clean in a single pass; this is a great improvement over the normally slow process of cleaning associated with a mop and bucket. 

The 244NX incorporates internal solution and recovery tanks, as well as a rotary cleaning deck with 2 220mm brushes, this means that on each pass of an area the machine dispenses clean solution, scrubs it into the floor then recovers the dirty solution leaving the floor dry enough to walk on. This means that unlike mopping dirty water is always kept separate from fresh water and that there is very rarely any need to go over an area more than once.

As the only clean solution is applied to the floor and then thoroughly recovered by the internal vacuum the cleaning results achieved by the NUC244NX are often far better than those achieved with a mop and bucket, it also saves a great deal of time.

Do the batteries need any special charging routine?

The batteries on the NUC244NX require no special charging routine and are designed for the battery to be removed from the machine & put on a charging unit. Leaving the battery on the charger will not cause any damage in any way, it will not leave any memory in the batteries. This is ideal for rapid response cleaning in supermarkets and shopping centres as it means the machine can be on “standby” until needed and will always have a full charge.

What accessories do I need with the machine?

This all depends on your flooring, but generally, if you have a smooth flat floor we would recommend using the pads and drive board option above, if however your floors are uneven or have crevices then a brush may be better suited.

The best thing to do to check for the most appropriate accessories is to have a demo as mentioned below.

Can I have a demo?

Yes! We always encourage customers to have a free demonstration of machines where possible. Having a demo will allow you to see the NUC244NX working on your floor so you know it can do the job you need. We can also arrange for a selection of machines to be present at the demo in case you need to see something bigger or smaller.

We can also arrange for staff training to be carried out, this ensures that everyone knows how to operate your new investment safely and to its best abilities, it is also a proven way to extend the working life of the machine through proper maintenance.

You can book a demo here - Demo Request

If you have any questions about any of the above please contact our sales office on our freephone number where one of our sales team will be happy to assist you.


Charging Time 1 Hour for 80% Charge 2 Hours for Complete Charge
Running Time Up To 80 Minutes
Vacuum Motor Power 300W
Brush Motor Power 400W
Weight 21.3kg
Power Source NX300 Battery Powered 36V
Brush Width 2 x 220mm
Pad Size 8.5 Inches
Speed 140 Rpm
Solution Tank 2.2L - Coverage Per Tank = 680m2/min (34 Min)
Recovery Tank 3L
Length 450mm
Width 520mm
Height 1200mm

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