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Our massive selection of janitorial hardware includes mops, mop handles, brooms, broom handles, protective signs, buckets, bins, spray bottles and trolleys. We supply bin bags and liners; brushes, brooms and dustpans; carpet and upholstery cleaning hardware; cloths, microfibre, sponges etc; janitorial trolleys; miscellaneous; mops, buckets and handles; signs; gloves; and window cleaning supplies. 

Our janitorial hardware department has been carefully put together to make sure that you have everything you need to run an effective, safe and reliable cleaning operation. From mops and mop handles to protective signs, we’re there to give you the best prices for the highest quality items and the biggest brand names.

Choose buckets, bins, spray bottles, brooms and broom handles from well-known makes for less. Free delivery option also available on bulk order. Talk to our customer services team about opening an account, or for support and advice for any of the janitorial hardware products you buy.