WVD1800AP-2 Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Pump Empty, Numatic

WVD1800AP-2 Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Pump Empty, Numatic
WVD1800AP-2 Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Pump Empty, Numatic
WVD1800AP-2 Industrial Wet Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Pump Empty, Numatic
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    The WVD1800AP is ideal for those who require the ability to clean continuously without stopping to empty the machine, this is because the wet vacuum cleaner incorporates an automated pump. The internal pump has a float switch that detects when the machine is filling and automatically pumps the contents of the vacuum out through a 10m drain hose (supplied with the machine) to empty it. This makes the WVD 1800AP ideal for flood recovery and dairy applications where far more than one full machine of water is present, and where having to stop to empty the machine would be impractical. As the machine has a pump to empty it is also able to be emptied into raised receptacles, we have found this machine popular for removing water from basements, clearing the last water from swimming pools and as mentioned previously in dairy and food production applications. 

    The vacuum comes supplied with a 38mm accessory kit and 10-metre drain hose, the accessory kit includes a stainless steel wand, floor tool and long 38mm hose. 

    Twin motors provide plenty of suction and ensure that the machine moves wastewater quickly and effectively. The motors are housed within a durable vacuum head, they are further protected by a float chamber preventing water from getting into the motors. A trash basket on the inlet of the machine protects the pump system from large debris and allows for effective and easy emptying. 

    Big wheels and a very strong body made from StructoFoam ensure that the 1800AP will stand the test of time and be practical even in a harsh environment, such as a building site or farm.

    Key Features:

    • Automatic Pump - Empties the machine automatically allowing for continuous water removal,
    • Empty into Raised Vessels - Drain the machine into drums, tanks, or even the sink,
    • Big Capacity - For when a drain point is out of reach,
    • Durable Construction - Able to take the rough and tumble on site.
    • NuCable - Easy to replace "kettle type" mains cable. 
    • Twin Motors - For extra performance.

    Alternative Machines:

    • Don't need the automated pump ability? - Check out the WVD1800 Dump Hose.
    • Want to manually control the pump function? -  Try the WVD1800PH Manual Pump Vacuum. 


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    Motor Power1060W x 2
    Hose LengthDischarge Hose 10m
    Cleaning Range26.8m
    Power Source230V AV 50/60Hz (110V Available)
    Airflow98 L/sec
    Water Flow Rate240L/Min

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