Henry Xtra Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Numatic - HVX200 Extra Hoover

Henry Xtra Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Numatic - HVX200 Extra Hoover
Henry Xtra Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Numatic - HVX200 Extra Hoover
Henry Xtra Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Numatic - HVX200 Extra Hoover
Henry Xtra Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Numatic - HVX200 Extra Hoover
Henry Xtra Turbo Vacuum Cleaner Numatic - HVX200 Extra Hoover
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    Henry Extra Turbo Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

    The Henry Xtra (sometimes known as the Henry Extra) has been a popular choice for people who have a lot of carpet ever since it was introduced. It offers a lightweight air powered rotary brush that is an excellent alternative to that included on the electrically powered turbo vacuum cleaner. He comes with all the great features of a normal Henry including a re-wind cable, wand docking, clip on face, big dust bags, big secondary filters and other extras.

    Henry Xtra Head Autosave

    What Makes the Henry Xtra Different to a Normal Henry?

    There are two key differences between a standard Henry and the Henry Xtra, these are both these differences are related to the kit that is included with the vacuum. The Xtra model comes with the Airo Brush and an additional dry floor tool.

    What are the benefits of the Airo Brush?

    The Airo brush uses the airflow of the vacuum cleaner to power a rotary brush very similar to the brush found in most upright vacuum cleaners. The benefit of this brush is that it beats dust from carpets and draws hair and loose fibres out of carpet pile, vastly improving the pickup performance of the vacuum on carpeted areas. 

    How is the Air Turbo Brush better than the Electric one?

    The Air powered airo brush has several benefits over the electric one traditionally supplied with a Henry Turbo, these benefits include:

    • Lighter weight – This is very important as it makes the head far easier to move around the room, making vacuuming far less tiring.
    • Easier Setup – As the power head requires no power supply there are less connections to make and less fiddling

    Another great features of the Airo brush is that if it does become jammed on the edge of a rug then the brush will stop turning, where the electric brush on turbo models would sometimes cause damage as it was almost too powerful.

    Henry Xtra Complete Kit Included

    What Kit does the Henry Air Turbo come with?

    The Henry Xtra comes with all the kit your would expect with a standard Henry vacuum including soft dusting brushes for ledges, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool, a ProFlo floor tool for hard floors, a combination floor tool for general hard floor / carpet cleaning and of course the Airo brush for carpeted areas.

    Is this the latest version?

    Yes – We turn over our stock on a weekly basis so the machine you receive will generally be no more than a week off the production line, meaning you get your full 2 year warranty and also all the up to date features you would expect of the latest 2018 generation.

    • Wand Docking – The wand docking feature provides hassle free storage of the wand when fitted with the combination floor tool, allowing it to stand upright behind the vacuum. No more leaning the wand into corners.
    • Clip on Face – Do not like your vacuum cleaner watching you clean? No problem the Xtra comes with a clip on face that can be removed should you not wish to have a smiley vacuum.

    Does the Xtra have a carbon filter?

    No. – The current generation of Henry Xtra vacuum cleaners does not have a carbon filter fitted to the machine. If you require a carbon filter fitted to your vacuum check out the pet vacuum mentioned below.

    I have lots of pets is this the right vacuum for me?

    If you have lots of pets we recommend checking out the Harry Pet Vacuum, he comes fitted with a carbon filter to remove pet hair smells and also has his own version of the Airo brush. Otherwise you can see below where many people review henry and get a feeling for how he performs!

    Henry Xtra Body

    Got any Questions?

    Give us a call, our sales team will be more than happy to assist you with anything you may want to know.

    Key Features:

    • Airo Floor Tool -  Powered by air with roller brushes makes Henry very good at cleaning carpets,
    • Comprehensive Accessory Kit - A full accessory kit is included with the vacuum incorporating everything that is needed,
    • Cable-Rewind - Keeps the long power cable in check when being stored or moved around,
    • Tried and Tested - Built on a very well tested (and well loved) design of the original Henry Vacuum. 

    Alternative Machines:

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    Performance Ratings
    Annual Energy Consumption (kWh)24.5
    Energy Rating (A-G)A
    Carpet Cleaning (A-G)C
    Hard Floor Cleaning (A-G)C
    Dust Re-Emmissions (A-G)C
    Sound Power db(A)72
    Cable Length10m
    Motor Power620W
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz

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