32mm Hairo Brush Easy Ride Pet Hair Floor Tool 601228 - Numatic

32mm Hairo Brush Easy Ride Pet Hair Floor Tool 601228 - Numatic
32mm Hairo Brush Easy Ride Pet Hair Floor Tool 601228 - Numatic
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    If you have pets the Hairo brush may be just the thing you need to boost the cleaning performance of your existing vacuum cleaner. The Hairo brush from Numatic will fit onto almost any vacuum cleaner that has a 32mm tube set (see below for how to measure your tube set).

    The Hairo brush uses the suction of the vacuum cleaner to spin an internal brush that beats carpet fibres and draws out any dog, cat or human hairs that may be present. The 190mm wide floor tool is just the right size to deal with stairs and even furniture that the larger Airo brush can struggle with. 

    Although the above video shows an Airo brush the Hairo brush opperates in the same way.

    Will this work with my Vacuum Cleaner?

    If you are unsure if the Hairo brush will work with your vacuum cleaner we recommend measuring the tubes that you have on your machine. This is done as per the image below, you need tubes that are 32mm in diameter. 

    Some Machines this Floor tool is compatible with:

    • Henry Micro HVR200M-22,
    • Henry HVR200A,
    • Henry Xtra HVX200A,
    • Hetty HET200A,
    • Charles CVC370-2,
    • George GVE370-2,
    • Harry HHR200A
    • MFQ370-22,
    • NQS250B-22,
    • NQS350B-22,
    • NRV200-2,
    • NRV370-22,
    • NRV380-2,
    • NVP180-2,
    • NVP200-2,
    • NVP370-2,
    • NVQ200-22,
    • NVQ370-2,
    • NVQ380-22,
    • RSV130,
    • RSV200,
    • CRQ370-2,
    • NVH 200-2,
    • NVH 370-2,
    • PSP180A,
    • PSP 200A,
    • PSP 370A,
    • PVR 370A,
    • PVR 200A,
    • PVT 390A,
    • PVT 220A.
    How to measure your vacuum tubes

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).

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