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HVB160 Henry cordless Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaner 1 Battery - Numatic

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Henry HVB160 Cordless Domestic Vacuum Cleaner  - 1 Battery Included

The HVB160 Cordless Vacuum cleaner is Numatics most compact battery domestic vacuum cleaner yet with it's brilliant 30minutes running time per battery it brings something new to the henry range. This Henry comes with Two batteries  for longer running time as you can always have one on charge & one in the machine working having 2 batteries can increase time up to 60minutes on a low setting.  This machine is ready for anything with 10 x more capacity than many cordless vacuums there's less stopping to empty meaning the henry cordless can get the job done much faster. This machine comes with 2 Batteries and 1 Charger Included.

What are the benefits of the Battery powered Henry?

If you have ever used a vacuum cleaner you will know the number one enemy of a quick and easy clean is the power cable, especially when cleaning areas with lots of furniture such as theatres, busses, and even classrooms. No matter how hard you try the cable will at some point get stuck under something and stop you going further with your cleaning without dealing with it.

This scenario is completely eliminated by the battery-powered henry HVB160 , the vacuum has no power cable, so there really is nothing to get stuck anywhere, allowing you to clean quicker and with less downtime.

The missing cable also makes this vacuum far safer if you ever clean when the general public or other staff members are around as there is no trip risk from a power cable draped across the floor.

The HVB160 is also very quiet in operation, making it perfect for venues where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

How long can I clean for on one charge?

The single battery pack will allow 30 minutes of continuous use on low setting, this is generally enough to complete most tasks, especially when you consider there is no time spend walking back around the room to un-snag a cable from under a door or desk. If you purchase an additional battery you will end up with double the battery life for continuous cleaning!

How do I know how much charge is left in the battery?

There is a very handy little battery meter on top of the vacuum that shows how many bars of battery you have left, so just like your mobile phone, you can see how much charge is left in the unit.

What industries are the battery Henry suitable for?

We have found this vacuum to be very popular with industries that need a lot of cleaning done in a short period. Some examples would be;

  • Cinemas & Theatres – Where the machine can be on charge whilst the show is on then can spring to action as soon as it is done.
  • Bus & Coach Rental – This is again where a quick turnaround is needed, the machine can be ready to go and spring to action when a vehicle needs cleaning.
  • Shopping Centres -  The NBV190NX can be on charge ready to leap into action should any spot cleaning need to be carried out, it is ideal for this as it does not present a trip risk like a normal vacuum with a cable would.

Is there any longer Battery life cordless Vacuums?

Yes! Numatic have brought another commercial range of the battery powered vacuum cleaners that provide up to 80minutes per battery the cordless henry vacuum for this is a NBV240NX.

What are the different battery options?

For those that want to be able to get an hour of cleaning out of their vacuum then the twin battery option adds a second battery pack that can be kept on charge ready to switch to should the primary battery run out of go.

I would like some more information

Give us a call on our Freephone number, one of our sales team will be happy to assist you in choosing just the right setup for your needs, or answer any questions you may have about the vacuum.


Charging Time 100% Charge = 3.5 hour charge time
Running Time 30 minutes Per battery on low setting Hi Setting - 40minutes ( 2 batteries ) Lo Setting - 60minutes ( 2 batteries )
Motor Power 250W
Weight 6.4kg
Suction 1200mm
Power Source 36V Lithium Polymer
Dry 6L
Length 345mm
Width 315mm
Height 345mm

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