HFM1523 Hurricane Floor Scrubbing & Polishing Machine Numatic

HFM1523 Hurricane Floor Scrubbing & Polishing Machine Numatic
HFM1523 Hurricane Floor Scrubbing & Polishing Machine Numatic
HFM1523 Hurricane Floor Scrubbing & Polishing Machine Numatic
HFM1523 Hurricane Floor Scrubbing & Polishing Machine Numatic
HFM1523 Hurricane Floor Scrubbing & Polishing Machine Numatic
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    HFM1523 Floor Scrubber & Polisher Numatic

    The HFM1523 is a medium speed machine that is well suited to those who need a machine for both polishing and scrubbing floors but do not want the expense of purchasing two machines. It comes with a two year warranty and

    What is a Medium speed floor machine?

    A medium speed rotary floor cleaner is ideal for those that need a multipurpose machine instead of a dedicated scrubber or polisher. Slower machines are generally better suited to scrubbing only duties where higher speed machines are only very good at polishing; having a medium speed machine makes this machine ideal for both applications.

    What accessories do you recommend to use with the HFM1523?

    What accessories you require really depends on the cleaning requirements at your property and the types of flooring that you have. We generally recommend that you have a demo (see below) to ensure that you are getting the right accessories with your machine.

    As a general rule though the following applies when choosing between brushes and drive boards;

    • If you have smooth flooring – Then we would recommend buying a drive board and pads with your machine, this will allow you to alter how aggressive the cleaning pads being used are tailoring it to the application at hand.
    • If you have uneven surfaces - then a brush such as the polyScrub will be better suited as the bristles are able to penetrate into crevices and deal with uneven surfaces easier.

    The tank and SprayTec kit are optional extras that make using the machine easier and are not essentially required unless working in hot environments where water put down may evaporate before it can be scrubbed. Both these systems dispense cleaning solution onto the brush or pad improving the cleaning action, the alternative to this is to mop the floor with cleaning solution first then scrub or polish.

    Are these types of machine hard to use?

    Not at all, we have all seen comedy sketches of people fighting these machines and getting tied up in the cable, but the reality is they are very easy to operate and require very little manual input to get a great clean with them.  The rotating action of the brush on the machine produces a “hovering” effect on the machine that can easily be manipulated by the user to steer the machine.

    Do you have a demo area I can see the machine working in before buying?

    We do not have a demo area, however we can get someone to come to your property FREE OF CHARGE to show you the machine working. We always recommend having a demonstration where possible as it is a great way to check out the machine you are purchasing before you even spend a penny. It also allows us to send a qualified technician to site who can specify the ideal accessory package to ensure you get the best from your HFM1523.

    Are you able to organise training?

    Yes -  In partnership with Numatic we are able to send a technician out to site to provide training for several members of staff, each receiving training on how to operate, clean and maintain the machine. This makes sure you get the best cleaning performance from your machine and also the longest lifespan.

    What does the warranty cover?

    The warranty on the HFM1532 covers any manufacturing issues and faults, in the unlikely event that the machine should break down we will send a technician out to site to check the machine and get it back in operation.

    I still have questions about this Floor polisher and scrubber!

    Give us a call on our Freephone number and one of our sales team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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    Motor Power1500W
    Power Source230V AC 50Hz
    Brush Width450 mm
    Pad Size400 mm
    Speed230 RPM

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