Jet Vac Ultima Dry Steam Cleaner with Vacuum & Detergent Duplex

Jet Vac Ultima Dry Steam Cleaner with Vacuum & Detergent Duplex
Jet Vac Ultima Dry Steam Cleaner with Vacuum & Detergent Duplex
Jet Vac Ultima Dry Steam Cleaner with Vacuum & Detergent Duplex
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    Duplex Jet Vac Ultima

    The Duplex Jet Vac is a ‘top of the range’ steam cleaner with integral vacuum and detergent delivery system that makes it ideal for many commercial and industrial applications. The steam vacuum is ideal for many tasks including cleaning windows, upholstery, mattresses, curtains, carpets, grout, countertops, floors, sinks, showers and many other areas all without chemicals. The heat and pressure of the steam will also shift grease and grime from kitchen appliances and surfaces as well as industrial machines. All of these cleaning abilities are backed up by the fact that surfaces are left sanitised by the steam after cleaning meaning the Ultima can play a huge part in controlling infection in hospitals and other venues.  

    What makes this machine a Dry Steam Cleaner?

    The high temperature and low water content of the steam produced by the Jet Vac Ultima mean that this machine can be classified as a “Dry Steam” cleaner. The vacuum works to remove what moisture may be left behind that does not evaporate.

    The benefits of dry steam cleaning are a quick turnaround time and little downtime whilst cleaning is being carried out.

    What is a Constant Flow Steam Cleaner?

    The Jet Vacuum Ultima has an automated boiler feed that feeds the boiler with water automatically when it is required, this means that there is no downtime between refills. Cold water can be added to the machine at any point and will be fed into the boiler; this is unique when compared to a lot of machines that require a 20 – 30 minute cooldown time whilst the boiler decreases internal pressure. This one feature can save hours when carrying out steam cleaning.

    Duplex steam cleaners use a patented system to ensure that the feed of water to the boiler is consistent and does not cause pressure and temperature variations that other steam cleaners can suffer from.

    What is the benefit of the integral vacuum cleaner?

    The integral vacuum collects waste water and dirt that is dislodged by the machine, this removes the necessity to wipe down areas with a cloth to collect debris. The vacuum can also be used to collect general dust and dirt if required.

    Is the Trolley Included?

    The trolley is included with the steam cleaner and provides storage for all the hoses, tools and accessories that are supplied with the machine. It also provides a highly mobile and stable base for the machine allowing it to be quickly and easily wheeled from area to area (taking all its tools with it) allowing fast response times to clean needs.

    What tools come with the Jet Vac Ultima?

    The Jet Vac Ultima is supplied with a range of accessories that include a steam and vacuum hose, floor tool, three hard floor and carpet inserts, and various detailing tools (3 nylon, brass, stainless steel, sink plunger, and scraper tool).

    What solutions can be used with this machine?

    As you have most likely gathered from this page cleaning chemicals are generally not necessary for most cleaning tasks, however, where needed specialist chemicals can be purchased to use with the steam cleaner. These can improve the cleaning performance for a specialist such as removing chewing gum, degreasing surfaces and descaling. If you want further information on these please call us. 

    What is the difference between the standard and medical specification Ultima?

    The Medical spec machine comes supplied without a detergent tank as chemicals are generally not permitted for use in a lot of hospitals and medical environments. 

    Can I have a Demo of the machine before I buy it?

    Yes, we can arrange this for you, it is completely free and does not commit you in any way to buying the machine. This is a great opportunity to see the machine working and check that it is right for you before spending any money.

    Can I get Training On the machine?

    Yes of course! We are able to send out a qualified technician who will show you how the machine works and how to properly maintain it, this way you will get the best performance and best lifespan out of your machine. 


    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Cable Length5 Metre
    Pressure6/8 bar
    Vacuum Motor Power1200W
    Water Tank Capacity4 + 3 Litre
    Boiler Power3000W
    Steam Volume97 g/min
    Temperature (Water/Steam)165 °C
    Weight20 Kg
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz
    Detergent Tank3 Litre

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