Jet Steam Professional Steam Cleaner 3000W 6 bar Duplex

Jet Steam Professional Steam Cleaner 3000W 6 bar Duplex
Jet Steam Professional Steam Cleaner 3000W 6 bar Duplex
Jet Steam Professional Steam Cleaner 3000W 6 bar Duplex
Jet Steam Professional Steam Cleaner 3000W 6 bar Duplex
Jet Steam Professional Steam Cleaner 3000W 6 bar Duplex
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    Professional Steam Cleaner

    The Duplex Jet Steam Professional offers the power and performance of a commercial specification steam cleaning machine in a compact body. This makes the jet steam very mobile and ideal for contract cleaners and sites where the machine may be used in confined areas or across many locations within a single site.

    What applications can this steam cleaner be used for?

    Steam cleaners offer a powerful and clean way of sanitising surfaces, removing stains and other deposits whilst minimising the use of chemicals.

    In some areas such as kitchens, the use of chemicals can be prohibited due to the potential for the contamination of the food being produced. In these circumstances, a steam cleaner can be used to kill any bacteria on the surface by using the heat of the steam.

    Within kitchens, the steam cleaner is ideal for cleaning grease build ups from cooking equipment, sanitising food preparations surfaces, cleaning fridges, ovens and fryers.

    Outside of the kitchen the steam cleaner can be used for the following;

    • Sanitising Shower Room Floors
    • Sanitising Changing Rooms
    • Cleaning Curtains and upholstery
    • Cleaning Car interiors,
    • Cleaning Windows,
    • Sanitising countertops at doctors and veterinary clinics.

    The compact size of the Jet Steam Professional makes it very popular with caretakers as it can quickly and easily be deployed to almost any area.


    Please note that not all of the accessories shown in the video are included with the machine as standard. If you have any questions regarding the accessories please phone us. 

    Is this machine Continuous flow?

    Yes – This means that you do not have to wait for the boiler to cool down and the pressure to drop before adding more water to the machine. This is a great time saver and a huge advantage over machines available from other manufacturers.  The water reservoir will hold 4.8 litres of water, whilst the boiler can produce up to 97 gallons of steam per minute.

    What accessories does it come with?

    The Jet Steam Pro comes with a full accessory kit including hand tools, detailing brushes, floor tools and a long hose, allowing almost any task to be tackled.

    How easy is the Jet Steam to maintain?

    Being built to a professional standard it is very easy to maintain and features a boiler cleaning function that should be performed after every 100 hours of use. It takes very little time and will ensure reliable and efficient performance from the steam cleaner.

    Looking for something different?

    There is a range of steam cleaners available from Avern, these can all be found in our Steam Cleaners section. This range includes steam cleaners with vacuums built in and machines with detergent injection. 

    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).


    Cable Length5 Metre
    Pressure6 bar
    Water Tank Capacity4.8 Litre
    Boiler Power3000W
    Steam Volume97 g/min
    Temperature (Water/Steam)165 °C
    Weight12 Kg
    Power Source230V AC 50/60Hz

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