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More Information About Craftex Carpet Cleaning Machines

Craftex produces carpet cleaning machines aimed at the professional user, purely cleaning carpets and upholstery day in and day out.

These machines are highly capable and are all specialised for different tasks, they can be easily broken up into three classes of machine.

Compact Machines

The Craftex Sabrina is an excellent machine designed for domestic and light use. The Sabrina is ideal for those who want a cost-effective compact cleaning machine.

The Sabrina Maxi offers a small and mobile machine for the professional carpet cleaner who requires a machine for cleaning small to medium sized areas of a carpet.

Medium Machines

The Serena and Grace machines offer a professional carpet cleaning machine that is ideal for medium to heavy-duty use. These machines break down into smaller sections for easy transportation. There are a huge variety of accessories available, allowing easy cleaning of staircases, ceilings and many other areas.

Walk Behind Carpet Cleaners

The Sharon and Elite Silent professional carpet cleaning machines are ideal for the professional carpet cleaner, who has sizeable to very large areas of carpet to maintain. These machines clean deep into the carpet as you walk behind them.

If you are unsure which Craftex professional carpet cleaning machine you require please get in touch and one of our sales team will happily assist you.