Chimney Sweep Vacuum Cleaners

Chimney Sweep Vacuum Cleaners

“What benefits does a chimney sweep vac have over a normal HZQ machine?

Numatic’s range of chimney vacuum cleaners benefits from a variety of customisations that make the job of chimney sweeping easier and more practical within the home environment.

Simple changes to the general set up of the vacuum make it the ideal tool for the chimney sweep. For instance, on the HZQ750-S there are five key changes that make this vacuum ideal for the chimney sweep;

  • A Cable Winding Cradle - This may seem like a simple modification and even slightly unnecessary (winding the cable up and holding it is ok right?), but when you are carrying the vacuum over a client’s white carpet and the cable makes a break for freedom, leaving a soot mark on the carpet you will be pleased that this facility is included. Not only that, it makes for a great carry handle.
  • A Re-usable Bag - The reusable bag is sent out with the HZQ750-S and is intended for a disposable bag to be used within it, ensuring that any dust collected cannot escape and mark carpets or the sofa.
  • Grab Handles - These make it easy to carry the vacuum empty or full.
  • No Wheels - Why not just fit wheels? Well although wheels may seem like a good idea in an industrial environment in the home it is a very different situation. Imagine you park the trolley on a fireplace then when the job is done you wheel the vacuum out the house, only to find some nice long black lines trailed across the carpet following you. Grab handles and no wheels ensure that this is never a temptation.
  • A Wooden Base - Not only does this protect the vacuum from bumps and knocks during transportation it also serves to protect any surfaces the vacuum is placed on from scratch.

“Why should I spend so much on a “soot vacuum” when I have been using a Henry for years without a problem?”

Research in recent years has proven that soot dust is carcinogenic and can be extremely hazardous to your health. (HSE article on occupational cancer

“That’s ok I wear a dust mask whilst I work”

This is fine for you, but do your clients wear a dust mask whilst you are working in the house? Even after you have finished a standard vacuum cleaner will have been using all of its power to throw the very finest of particles out into the air for you and your clients to breathe in.

It is in your interest to protect yourself and your customers from airborne soot dust at all times, and a specialist soot vacuum or even a standard hazardous vacuum cleaner is a responsible and effective way of doing this.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact our sales team. We are able to offer advice and even further customise vacuum cleaners to suit your specific needs.

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