HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic

HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic
HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic
HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic
HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic
HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic
HZ370 Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaner H Class - Numatic
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    Numatic HZ370 Hazardous Dust H13 Vacuum Cleaner

    The HZ370 was the (HZQ370-11) is essential for anyone who works in places that has the potential of hazardous dust being present. The H13 Hepa filtration system offers 99.95% filtration efficiency, keeping collected fibres safely contained within the vacuum. 

    The 370 size drum offers a generous 15 litre capacity without being too big to get into confined areas such as loft spaces and restricted areas.

    What makes the HZQ370 different to a normal vacuum?

    This vacuum is specially designed for use when cleaning up hazardous materials such as asbestos or silica dust particles. The vacuum is fitted from the factory with a H13 hepa module, this is the critical part of this machine that sets it apart from a standard vacuum cleane.

    How do I know what grade of machine I need?

    It is not always obvious which materials are hazardous and which are not, we ALWAYS recommend having a full risk assessment carried out on site before purchasing a machine. This will tell you what grade of vacuum is require H class machine is needed. 

    How durable is the HZ370?

    The drum on this machine is made from a durable plastic similar to that used in the commercial machines in the Numatic range, it is hard wearing and will stand up proper use without any issues. 

    All the accessories are the same as those used in the industrial grade machines in the Numatic range and are therefore more than strong enough to stand up to daily use on site. 

    The head of the vacuum cleaner is made from steel and features NuCable technology, this makes the mains cable very easy to replace as it is similar in style to a Kettle type lead. 

    What accessories come with the HZ370?

    • Included Accessories - The vacuum is supplied with a full set of hand tools, spare secondary filter, dust bags and waste bags to, this allows for most cleaning tasks to be complete. 
    • Optional Accessories -  We offer an optional secondary floor tool kit that makes floor cleaning much easier, this is especially convenient for cleaning down at the end of the day on site or in a workshop.

    Regardless of which kit that you opt for the vacuum comes supplied with all that is needed to carry out most common cleaning tasks right out of the box.

    What bags should I use with the HZQ370?

    The NVM-2BH are the correct bags to use with this vacuum cleaner, 10 bags come included with the machine our of the box. They provide the first 3 layers of filtration and make the vacuum cleaner and safer to empty by containing the waste. Additional bags can be found here

    How do I ensure that no waste escapes the machine during transit?

    The vacuum is supplied with screw on dust caps for both the drum and head, these allow the vacuum drum to be sealed off when the machine is not in use or in transit, preventing any hazardous material escaping the machine.

    What certification does the HZQ370 come with?

    Every HZ 370 is tested before leaving the Numatic factory and is supplied with the appropriate certification to show that it is suitable for the intended application. 

    What is the difference between the HZ370 and HZQ370?

    You will notice that some places refer to the HZ370 as the HZQ370, they are both the same machine. Numatic updated the name system for these machines in 2014 from HZQ to HZ. 

    Key Features:

    • Compact Size - Easy to carry onto a roof, or transport from site to site.
    • Larger 15 Litre capacity - Clean for longer without stopping.
    • H13 Rated Filtration

    I have some questions before I purchase?

    Give us a call on 0800 9788 499 our sales team will be happy to assist where possible in finding the right machine for your needs.

    Alternative Machines;

    • Different Manufacture - ATTIX30-0H Push & Clean Filter System
    • Next Size Down - Try the HZQ200,
    • Next Size Up - Try the HZQ570,
    • Increased Power - Try the HZDQ570,

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    Motor Power960W
    Suction2500 mm
    Cleaning Range26.8 m
    Weight10.4 kg
    Power Source230V AV 50/60Hz (110V Available)
    FiltrationH13 Hepa - 99.95% - Type H to (IEC 60 335-2-69)
    Dry15 L

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