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Vacuum Cleaner Accessories, The Right ones For your machine
Choosing the right accessory for your machine can be confusing with so much choice, for this reason, we have broken down our accessories section by hose size. This makes choosing the right hose or tool for the right machine just that bit easier.
We have also divided our filters up by size to make things a little easier.

For Pipes and Accessories:

32mm Accessories
Suited to all machines with a drum code of 180 – 470 - e.g. HVR200 & WV470.
(Exemptions to this are the HZQ range of vacuums which require 38mm components)

38mm Accessories
Are suited to all machines with a 570 and larger drum code e.g. WV570 & NVQ 900.
(Exemptions to this are CT machines which use 32mm components)

51mm and larger accessories
These are used on larger machines that normally come fitted with a cyclonic entry point.


305mm Vacuum Cleaner Filters
These are suited to all machines with the following drum codes;

  • 180 e.g. JVP180
  • 240  e.g. NRV200 / NRV240
  • 370 e.g. GVE370
  • 470 e.g. NVQ470

Others include 380, 250, and other 305mm diameter machines.

356mm Vacuum Cleaner Filters
These are suited to machines with the following drum codes;

  • 570 e.g. WVD570
  • 900 e.g. NVDQ900

457mm Vacuum Cleaner Filters

These larger filters are designed for specialist large 457mm drum machines such as;

  • NTD2003
  • NTT2003

RSV Filters
These filters are designed for the RSV or “rucksack vacuums” as they are otherwise known.

Please note that although a filter may fit your machine it may not be “right” for your machine. For instance, a standard filter set in a HZQ, vacuum cleaner without the proper Hepa module installed will result in performance that is not up to standard. If in doubt please phone our Freephone number for assistance.