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More Information About Swarf & Coolant Oil Engineering Vacuum Cleaners

Our range of swarf and coolant vacuum cleaners offer capabilities that are suited to almost any engineering workshop when it comes to collecting waste material or separating swarf from the coolant. 

There are two main classes of swarf vacuum within this category, these include:

  • Standard Machines - The standard machines within this category have the suffix SC on the name (e.g. WV570-SC) these machines feature large cyclonic and standard entries. They are suited to collecting waste swarf and mineral based coolant found in most engineering applications from machines, and from floors where spilt. All of the waste collected is deposited within the drum and can then be disposed of in an apropriate manner. 
  • Separation Machines - These machines feature the prefix SSIVD (e.g. SSIVD1800DH) these machines differ from the standard ones in that they have an internal stainless steel cage that collects swarf, separating it from any collected coolant. This allows for the recycling of coolant where possible. 

The larger machines in the range feature suffixes on the name such as DH, PH and AP these provide information about how the machine is emptied. DH machines are gravity emptied by a hose at the base of the machine, PH machines have a manually controlled pump that allows the machine to be emptied into raised receptacles and AP machines have an automated pump that will automatically pump the machine out into a receptacle when the coolant within it reaches a certain level, this is ideal for constant use or large volume applications.