B40, B60 & B80 Karcher Scrubber Dryer Range

B40, B60 & B80 Karcher Scrubber Dryer Range
B40, B60 & B80 Karcher Scrubber Dryer Range
B40, B60 & B80 Karcher Scrubber Dryer Range
B40, B60 & B80 Karcher Scrubber Dryer Range
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    Karcher B40, B60 & B80 Scrubber Dryers

    Customised to your needs

    This range of highly capable scrubber dryers from Karcher are highly dependable and highly configurable. They offer a range of sizes from 40 litres through to 80 litres water capacity with larger machines available for those who require it.

    All of the machines from this range have a battery powered option and use a “tank in tank” system, they also come with a choice of twin roller brush or disc brush configurations.

    Easy to operate automatic filling and tank cleaning makes day to day operation a clean and most importantly dry task for the scrubber dryer operator.

    Automatic chemical dosing ensures that floor cleaning detergents are applied only as needed and not excessively, saving money on consumables.

    Choose the type of cleaning head that best suits your requirements, with twin rollers and disc type cleaning faces available this range of scrubber dryers can be easily tailored to suit almost any application.

    B60 Scrubber Dryers Many Combinations of Tools

    Build Your Perfect Scrubber Dryer

    B40 Scrubber Dryer

    40 Litre Scrubber Dryer

    This is the smallest scrubber dryer from the “B” range. It includes many of the features from the larger machines including operator keys, tank washing, and easy fill.

    Its slimline design means it is ideal for cleaning between checkouts at supermarkets and similar hard to access narrow areas. The B40 is also available in both mains powered and battery powered variants.

    B60 Scrubber Dryer

    60 Litre Scrubber Dryer

    The B60 is feature packed including adjustable floor pressure and onboard battery charger. Like the rest of the “B” range of scrubber dryers it features a key system for the supervisor to “lock” settings into the machine for all members of staff.

    A well balanced and easy to manage chassis design makes the B60 a pleasure to work with when cleaning in and around supermarkets and other medium sized public areas.

    B80 Scrubber Dryer

    80 Litre Scrubber Dryer

    A large capacity of 80 litres recovery and clean water allows you to clean for longer, like the rest of the larger range the B80 includes traction drive ensuring a consistent speed of travel and consistent clean.

    Even though it is larger in size the B80 scrubber dryer still offers great visibility of the cleaning head and maintains great handling characteristics. An automatic brush and squeegee lowering and raising system makes the B80 a pleasure to work with.

    B40, B60 & B80 Karcher Scrubber Dryer Range


    2000M2/hr (21,527 sqft/hr)


    2600M2/hr (27,986 sqft/hr)


    3000M2/hr (32,291 sqft/hr)
    Brush Width550mm650mm750mm
    Working Width850mm850mm940mm
    Fresh Water Capacity40 Litre60 Litre80 Litre
    Dirty Water Capacity40 Litre60 Litre80 Litre
    Sound level60 dB(A)62.5 dB(A)63 dB(A)
    Brush Speed (roller)600-1200 rpm600-1300 rpm600-1400 rpm
    Brush Speed (disk)180 rpm180 rpm210 rpm
    Brush Contact Pressure265 g/cm2265 g/cm2375 g/cm2
    Motor Rating2100W2100W2200W
    Traction Motor300W300W575W
    Weight109 kg109 kg129 kg
    Weight With Battery231 kg231 kg311 kg
    Dimensions (mm)1520L x 748W x 1147H1520L x 748W x 1147H1550L x 809W x 1154H
    Water Consumption2 l/min2 l/min2.5 l/min

    Common Features Throughout the range

    Being part of the same family the B range of scrubber dryers from Karcher share some of their features. This means that multiple units can be used within the same property without requiring much in the way of re-training for staff.

    Key shared features that are common throughout the B40, B60 and B80 include;

    • Key Lock - Each machine accepts both an "operator" and "manager" key that will prevent unauthorised use and alteration of some settings on the machine. This allows the manager key to lock in settings, preventing operators from making adjustments to detergent doses and other settings that could cause less efficient floor cleaning.
    • Automatic Dosing - All of the machines have automatic detergent dosing, allowing the operator (or manager) to fine tune and set the amount of detergent dispensed whilst cleaning.
    • Easy-Fill - The B40, B60 & B80 all come with a push fit hose connector for fast and efficient filling from a hose pipe, the machine will also cut off the supply of water automatically preventing overfilling.
    • Eash-Clean - Save up to 70% of the water normally used to clean out the recovery tank of a scrubber dryer by using Karchers built in recovery tank cleaning system. This again clips onto a hose pipe and sprays down the tank inside the machine. It also won't get the operator wet with spray and splash-back.
    • Eco-Efficiency Mode - Save water, run quieter, and for longer by using the Eco mode, this is ideal for operating in hospitals, schools and hotels where a quiet calm environment is essential.
    • Traction Drive - This ensures that the machine travels at a consistent speed whilst cleaning, ensuring that water and time are not wasted by traveling too slowly, or that the quality of clean is not reduced by traveling too quickly.
    • Colour Coded - Yellow components on the machine are for the operator to use during normal running, whilst Grey components are for maintenance work.

    Warranty & Service

    Buy with 100% confidence from an authorised Karcher Stockist. If you have any questions regarding the B range of advanced scrubber dryers call us on 0800 9788 499 and we will be happy to assist you.

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    *Free Delivery to Mainland UK only (excludes highlands, NI & Islands).

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