Limefresh / Refresh Lime Disinfectant E008 5 Litre - Selden

Limefresh / Refresh Lime Disinfectant E008 5 Litre - Selden
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    Selden Lime-fresh E008 is a diverse disinfectant that is suitable for use in schools, offices, canteens, factories and pubs. Lime fresh disinfectant has three main properties, the ability to disperse and break down soiling, the power to disinfect with its ammonium based bactericide (BS6471 GRADE Q.A.P 30. compliant), and the ability to deodorise areas with a citrus fragrance, this makes Selden Lime-fresh ideal for cleaning down worktops, freshening drains, removing the odour from bins, and cleaning walls and floors. 

    For general purpose cleaning (walls and hard surfaces) Lime-fresh can be used in a ratio of 1 part to 100 parts water meaning one 5L container makes up to 500L of cleaning solution. For heavier soiling and disinfectant the ration should be 1 part to 30 parts water or neat depending on the job at hand. Full instructions are included on the label on the container. 

    This is the Selden product Lime-fresh E008 supplied in an Avern branded container under the name Refresh. 

    All chemicals are supplied with the necessary MSDS or Data Sheet upon purchase. These are stored within your account for your future reference.

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