Strongarm Hard Surface Cleaner F040 5 Litre Selden

Strongarm Hard Surface Cleaner F040 5 Litre Selden
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    Selden Strongarm sold by Avern as Heavy Duty Hard Surface Cleaner is a powerful degreaser and surface cleaner that is suitable for a multitude of tasks in industrial applications as well as in the kitchen and flooring industries. 

    Strongarm will shift heavy deposits of grease and grime as well as remove waxes and strip polish from floors. 

    Tailored for easy use F040 features anti-foaming agents in its formula to ensure there is no excess foam to wash away, this also makes it safe to pick up waste fluid with a wet vacuum cleaner without the risk of damaging the motors. 

    This is a chemical that should be in every industrial and commercial cleaners arsenal to tackle stubborn deposits of grease and grime.

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