Sabre Multi-purpose Spray Cleaner T054 750ml Selden

Sabre Multi-purpose Spray Cleaner T054 750ml Selden
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    If you are in need of a fast-acting lemon fragrance cleaner that is free from acids and caustics then Sabre is what you require. Supplied in an easy to use 750ml trigger spray (5L refill also available under the name Lightning) Sabre provides an effective cleaning solution for regular use on all hard surfaces. 

    Degreasing agents allow Sabre to cut through grease and general grime build-ups such as those commonly found in Hotels, Schools, Nursing Homes, Doctors Clinics and on public Transport. 

    Possibly one of the easiest products to use, simply spray on to grime deposits, then wipe off the residue with a cloth or paper towel, leaving the surface clean and lemon fresh.

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