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More Information About Graffiti Removal Products

These graffiti removal products are designed to cover all of your cleaning needs. Use our plastic safe graffiti remover on all surfaces that have sensitivity to solvents – for example plastics; polypropylene; or polyethene. Our full power graffiti spray may be used on most other surfaces including porous concrete, breeze blocks and cement.

Our graffiti removal products have been specifically formulated to raise common graffiti substances from your buildings and their furnishings: including paint, wax, and ink. Unlike some other graffiti removal sprays, our products turn the graffito into flakes, which rise up from the surface and fall away. This is in contrast to some other graffiti removal products, which simply dilute the paint or wax until it runs into the material on which it has been sprayed.

If you would like to know which graffiti removal products to use on a specific substance or item, please call our customer services team on the number provided.