Citrasel Beaded Hand Cleaner Bucket C051 5 Litre Selden

Citrasel Beaded Hand Cleaner Bucket C051 5 Litre Selden
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    A beaded hand cleaner suitable for engineers, garages, workshops and factories where maintenance engineers, mechanics and fabricators find oily and dirty hands a common occurrence.

    Formulated from biodegradable natural citrus oils that are safe and gentle on hands yet tough on oil and grime making it ideal for daily use.

    Supplied in a 5 Litre bucket for easy application, simply dip into the bucket, then rub into oily and dirty areas of the hands allowing the contained polyethylene beads to assist with removal of grime, the resulting lather can then be washed from the hands easily with clean water. 

    We recommend using this in combination with M105 barrier cream to protect your hands from additives and substances often found in modern oils and chemicals. 

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