32mm Upholstery Nozzle 150mm 601145 - Numatic

32mm Upholstery Nozzle 150mm 601145 - Numatic
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    32mm Upholstery Nozzle 150mm 601145 - Numatic

    Use this item in conjunction with 601146 for best results.

    This item includes free delivery when bought on its own or with other free delivery items.

    For use with:

    Henry Micro HVR200M-22, Henry HVR200A, Henry Xtra HVX200A, Hetty HET200A, Charles CVC370-2, George GVE370-2, Harry HHR200A, Henry Turbo HVR200T-2

    MFQ370-22, NQS250B-22, NQS350B-22, NRV200-2, NRV370-22, NRV380-2, NVP180-2, NVP200-2, NVP370-2, NVQ200-22, NVQ370-2, NVQ370T-2, NVQ380-22, RSV130, RSV130T, RSV200, CRQ370-2, NVH 200-2, NSP 200A, NSP180A, NSR 200A,  PSP180A, PSP 200A, PSP 370A, PVR 370A, PVR 200A, PVT 390A, PVT 220A.

    Please see the related items tab about for links to compatible machines.

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